Surgical Light Handle Covers

Quest Surgical stock the biggest range of Disposable Sterile & Non-Sterile Surgical Light Handle Covers for Operating Theatre Lights with or without Camera in Australia. If you have a Theatre Light, we have a cover and if we don’t we could manufacture one to suit your needs*.

Why spend big money on Re-Usable covers that you will throw out or break only to replace it at a big expense, when you can buy our Disposable Sterile Light Handle Covers and save your facility $$$ each year.

With over 20+years in the business, we have you covered.

Call or contact us today for a Quote, you will not be disappointed.

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08-CC181 Universal Light Handle Cover (USA) 50
QS-08-CC181 Universal Light Handle Cover 50
QS-08-CC182 Universal Light Handle Cover    (Double Pack) 25
QS-08P Light Handle Cover – Green plastic 50
QS-08-CC183 Chromovision Camera Cover 25
QS-08-CC183L Long Small Camera Cover 25
QS-06A ALM and Stryker HD Camera Cover 25
QS-03S Large Round Camera Cover

(Stryker, Berchtold, Claveguard, Drager and Trumpf)

QS-06T Trumpf Camera Cover 25
QS-05T Trumpf ALC+ Cover 25
QS-04T Trumpf Standard Long Handle Cover 50

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