Troop Elevation Pillow

The Troop Pillow® facilitates airway management for obese and large framed patients.


The Troop Elevation Pillow® is designed and intended to facilitate airway management for obese and large-framed patients. The pillow is for intra-op and post-op care.

Designed and developed by a practicing Anaesthetist, the Elevation Pillow addresses the inherent problem of “stacking blankets”. It is both stable and easy to setup.

The Pillow quickly achieves head elevated laryngoscopy position (H.E.L.P). This position is recommended for airway management of obese patients.


  • Aids airway management for obese patients.
  • Improves “ease-of-breathing”.
  • Obese patients breathe more comfortably during pre-oxygenation (pre-induction) and during regional anaesthesia.
  • The Elevation Pillow greatly facilitates mask ventilation.
  • Helps align the Upper Airway Axes.
  • Easier, faster setup eliminating “stacking of blankets”.
  • Stable patient positioning is maintained during surgery.
  • Helps decrease acid reflux (aid to manage GORD).
  • Disposable barrier covers helps prevent infection.

The Troop Pillow can be easily cleaned/wiped over with any proprietary hospital cleaner.

The Troop Pillow is not disposable.

To be used in conjunction with the disposable Troop Pillow Covers.

TP10-910-01-C-1 Troop Elevation Pillow & Head Cradle – Coated
TP10-911-06-C Troop Elevation Pillow – Coated
TP10-911-07-C Troop Elevation Pillow Addition – Coated
TP10-911-08-C Head Cradle – Coated
TP10-910-07-C Arm Board Pads – Coated (box of 2)
TP10-910-00 Troop elevation Pillow – disposable (with Barrier Covers) (box of 4)
TP10-910-04 Troop elevation Pillow Addition – disposable (with Barrier covers) box of 2)
TP10-910-03 Disposable Barrier Cover for TEP (Box of 30)

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