Barkey S-Line Fluid Warmer

The Barkey  S-Line  | Smart – Simple – Safe

Advanced technology: One-touch-control

Barkey S-line is a one-touch-control infusion and blood warmer.
The device helps to accelerate the healing process of patients and
conserves hospital’s budgets.

Benefits at a glance

  • Warms infusion solutions, FFP and blood up to the patient
  • Designed for any standard I.V. set
  • One preset temperature for easy operation
  • One-touch control
  • No additional disposables required
  • Displays actual temperature of the warming sleeve
  • Use of biocompatible materials
  • Visual and acoustic alarm in case of error
  • Green Warming sleeve diameter (5 mm) & length (1.5 m)
  • Can be applied for the return of dialyses fluids
  • Standard with 3m Power cable

• Integrated temperate sensors
• Overtemperature alarm
• Smooth surfaces, therefore simple to wash and disinfect
• Operational safety thanks to preset target temperature value.

Prevention of hypothermia
Warmth is the key to patients’ wellbeing.
Barkey’s inexpensive infusion and blood warmer S-line helps to ease the treatment for all patients and accelerates the healing process.
As a result care personnel has less work and treatment costs are reduced.

Due to the preset temperature of the device, the Barkey S-line is fast, safe and reliable in use.

Conducts blood and infusions warm and safe to the patient.

Use the Barkey S-line as a fluid path warmer for blood products and infusion solutions up to the patient.


With a fixed set temperature, the S-line warms reliably and consistently.

Ease of use

Attachment to infusion stands. Intuitive handling with central on/off touch button.

Low maintenance

Does not require services nor an annual safety check.

Warming infusions and avoiding hypothermia with the Barkey S-line.

Before, during and after surgery, patients are often exposed to various influences that can lead to hypothermia. Low-flow blood and infusion warmers such as the Barkey S-line are a good way of keeping patients at a temperature of >36 °C in these situations.

Easy Application

The Barkey S-line can be mounted on any infusion stand. After switching on the lowflow-device, it is immediately ready for use. The heating jacket heats the infusion set, allowing fluids up to 25 ml per minute to be delivered warm to the patient. This extends to the patients, preventing heat loss from the fluids. No consumables are required, and cleaning is quickly accomplished with wipe disinfection.