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The prevention or avoidance of contamination during the thawing and warming process, are instrumental in the development of our Barkey portfolio of Blood and fluid warmers called Plasmatherm. Our portfolio represents various options: from thawing of preparations / blood products such as FFP, EC, stem cell therapies and infusions to warming of material like fluids, blankets or instruments.

There is probably no way to prevent contamination completely, but we have options to prevent them as good as possible. That includes e.g. Blood and Fluid warmers which are easy to disinfect and do not operate with open water, because open water baths are a common source for bacteria and infections.

Safety is one of our most important guidelines. It is inevitable, that our fluid warmers do not only follow the high quality standards of regulatory, but rather excel them. To provide a high level of safety, we implemented:

– Visual inspection due to clear cushions and lid

– 2 leak detection sensors

By that the user can act immediately in the unlikely event of leakages.

The products of our Business Line Hospital & Blood bank operate with a closed water circle or even without any water. Furthermore, the Plasmatherm’s are designed with round edges and even surfaces, which allow a wipe disinfection as sufficient.

CASE STUDY –The Barkey plasmatherm means the following:

  1. Increased patient-safety by virtually eliminating risk of water-bourne pathogen contamination.
  2. Standardization of this very manual, less predictable hand swirling of vials or massaging of bags.
  3. Saving already busy laboratory staff 45 minutes a day of not changing water and cleaning an extra machine, which translates into 196 hours saved, or about $10,000 saved, every year. If the laboratory is changing equipment every 10 years, that’s $100,000 saved.

In short the Barkey Plasmatherm range offer the most secure and comprehensive range of Blood and Fluid warming thawing products on the market today for Pathology, Blood banks, Hospitals and Gene Therapy laboratories.

So, give us a call at Quest Surgical today on 1300 786 454 or email to speak to our team about how the Barkey Plasmatherm range will benefit your facility.

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