When life-saving Emergency Care is in your hands, count on the new Flow-Safe II® CPAP System. A major leap in product innovation, it takes Emergency Care to a whole new level. Over 50% less oxygen consumption than the original Flow-Safe®. Flow-Safe II® uses standard flowmeters. Its advantages are many. Which clearly puts you at an advantage.

CPAP therapy has been utilised in medicine for over 100 years. However, the use of CPAP in EMS is comparatively new and is not a standard of care in every system. The introduction of CPAP to EMS ranks near the top as one of the most effective treatments introduced to the pre-hospital environment in the last fifteen years. With that said, some EMS systems have limited the use of CPAP to congestive heart failure (CHF) or for adults only; when, in fact, any patient in respiratory distress should be considered a candidate for CPAP. The goal of CPAP is to reduce the work-of-breathing and buy time for more definitive treatments to work.

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