Absorbent Medical Towel

Absorbent Medical Towels


Absorbent Medical Towel is a general purpose towel designed to be used as a scrub towel, hand towel or tray liner. Due to the towel’s tear resistance when wet or dry and high absorption capacity the towels can also be used as a general medical surface wipe or bowl spacer.Available in a convenient dispenser tear design.

* Highly absorbent
* Dry wipes
* Latex free
* 30x33cm
* 50 wipes / pack
* Carton of 12 packs
* Low linting
* Soft and gentle on skin
* Smart dispenser design and easy tear off
* Absorbs 7 times its weight
* Wet and dry tear resistance
* Minimises risk of cross contamination

QS-TKEW50 – Absorbent Medical Towel 30x33cm, (50)