These Blades are high quality stainless steel. The light source provides a high level of illumination and can be easily removed. While the distance from bulb to tip protects from accidental burns. Our specialty blades offer a complete choice for all intubation requirements for airway management.

We carry a wide range of Re-Usable Handles with single use detachable Blades with bright LED light source to make even the toughest intubation easier.

or we also carry a range of all-in-one single use  Yeescopes  in Mac Blades.

Laryngoscope Brochure

Mac Blade  Bx/Qty

SMA-3400     Size 0         20
SMA- 3411     Size 1          20
SMA-3412     Size 2          20
SMA-3413     Size 3          20
SMA-3414     Size 4          20


AN010000 – YEESCOPE™ MAC 3 –  10
AN010001  – YEESCOPE™ MAC 4 – 10

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