Suction Tubing

Suction Tubing with Soft Connectors – Sterile or Non Sterile

Manufactured from Medical grade pvc, the tube is supplied in a range of standard cut lengths, each length fitted at both ends with soft, push-on connectors or moulded funnel type connectors. The connectors adapt to a variety of associated items such as suction devices, suction traps and wall fittings. The standard tube is sized at a nominal 5.5mm inside diameter, the heavy duty tube has a 6.8mm inside diameter. Suction tube is available in non-sterile and gamma sterile forms. Each non-sterile tube is single wrapped in a pe bag; the sterile tube is double wrapped in pe bag and peel pouch. Multiple tubes are packed in an outer carton, the number dependant on the length of the tube.

Standard lengths are 1 metre, 2m, 3m, 4.5m and 6m in non-sterile and sterile forms. Other custom lengths are available to order. The product code has the style S for non-sterile and ST for sterile suction tube, followed by the length in metres and a suffix if applicable. The suffix “HD” is used to indicate the optional 6.8mm inside diameter tube and the suffix “F” for the optional funnel type connectors.

For example : S3 describes a 3 metre long single wrapped non sterile suction tube of 5.5mm inside diameter with soft connectors; S3HD describes a 3 metre long non-sterile suction tube of 6.8mm inside diameter with soft connectors; ST3F describes a 3 metre long double wrapped sterile suction tube of 5.5mm inside diameter with funnel connectors.

In Stock Items

FC-1030-6 Suction tubing 3 mt – 6mm ID (Sterile) B25
APS-S3 Non sterile suction tubing 3 mt – 5.5mm ID B70
APS-ST3/DW Suction tubing 3 mt (D/W – Sterile) 5.5mm ID B60
APS-ST6 Suction tubing 6 mt – (D/W Sterile) 5.5mm ID B35
APS-S6 Suction tubing 6 mt – (Non-Sterile) 5.5mm ID B35