Anaesthetic Pack


1 x Drape Epidural 76cm x 106cm Clear Plastic with Full 2.5cm Adhesive around the 10cm x 15cm Fenestration and Adhesive on Corner Tabs
1 x Drape Plastic 76cm x 106cm
1 x Dressing Tray 23cm x 9cm x 3cm with 3 Compartments
1 x Syringe Luer lock 5ml
1 x Syringe Luer Lock 3ml
1 x Needle 18g x 1.5” Blunt Hypodermic
1 x Needle 19g x 1.5” Hypodermic
1 x Needle 25g x 1” Hypodermic
1 x Forceps Plastic Green
1 x Sponge Holder 19cm Plastic
5 x Gauze Swabs 10cm x 10cm Green
5 x Prep Swabs Large XRD
1 x Dressing Towel T Small 32cm x 32.5cm
Wrapped in a Blue Plastic Field 75cm x 75cm

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