StatCO2®, Mini StatCO2®, Neo-StatCO2®

Fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation. StatCO2® (for patients over 15 kgs), Mini StatCO2® (for patients within 1 – 15 kgs) and Neo-StatCO2® (for patients within 0.25 kg – 6 kgs) are designed to connect between an endotracheal tube and a breathing device. The patient’s exhalation gas is led through the indicator to detect approximate ranges of end tidal CO2 by color comparison assisting in the verification of proper tube placement. StatCO2® and Mini StatCO2® have pull tabs to activate device, the Neo-StatCO2® does not have a pull tab.

End Tidal CO2 Detector for Patient with body weight greater than 15 kg from MERCURY MEDICAL

How often have you successfully completed initial
positive ET Tube placement verification with an end
tidal CO2 detector only to find that the intubated
patient needs to be moved or transported?

Only StatCO2, Mini StatCO2 or Neo-StatCO2, effectively provides 24-hour performance with breath-to-breath color changes for ET Tube placement verification.

Prod. No Unit Part Name
1055370 20/Box StatCO2® (with NEW red pull tab for better visibility)

StatCO2® End Tidal CO2 Detector (for patient body weight greater than 15 kgs)

1055371 20/Box Mini StatCO2® (with NEW red pull tab for better visibility)

Mini StatCO2® End Tidal CO2 Detector (for patient body weight between 1 and 15 kgs)

1055373 20/Box Neo-StatCO2

Neo-StatCO2 < Kg® is the first and only End Tidal CO2 Detector available that is indicated for patients below 1 kg (0.25 kg to 6 kgs)

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