Multigate Disposable Curtain

Disposable Curtains ANTIMICROBIAL Infection Control

Multigate disposable curtains are embedded with silver nano-particles to kill bacteria upon contact, improving infection control at your facility. Broad spectrum control through state of the art Nano silver technology.

  • Reduces laundering costs
  • Varied heights, lengths and colours
  • Mesh top version available for
  • enhanced airflow
  • Labels indicate date hung and replacement date
  • Hanging hooks provided with each curtain
  • Fire retardant tested
  • Proven anti-microbial test data

Curtain Replacement Recommendations

  • Replace annually
  • Replace if soiled or contaminated
  • Replace if curtain integrity has been compromised

Note: 50-004B – 4.5m x 2m Blue is the curtain in image gallery.


Please click this link for the range of Disposable curtains available


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