Barkey Plasmatherm V

The Barkey plasmatherm V thaws FFP and warms blood, erythrocyte concentrates (EC), Octaplas LG® or infusion solutions up to 30 % faster compared to a standard Plasmatherm device.
Thawing of FFP up to 30 % faster
• Fast thawing thanks to innovative Smart Motion Technology of the paddle
• Thaws 4 bags at a time
• Temperature range between 37–45°C
• Electronic documentation via Barkey TCP Logging Tool
• Change of water just once per year
• Dry thawing device (recommended from the BSH*)
• Shortcut programs: blood, plasma, user, Octaplas
• Easy and fast cleaning through wipe disinfection
• Leakage control = lower risk of contamination or infection

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Barkey plasmatherm V – the fastest plasmatherm ever
Due to its size and the horizontal 28° rotation, the Smart Motion Paddle ensures optimal distribution of heat in the temperature control pads of the Barkey plasmatherm V. As a result, FFP, erythrocyte concentrates (EC), for example, can be thawed up to 30%* faster. Optimal thawing results are obtained with up to four canned products.
*compared to the standard Barkey plasmatherm