Barkey Plasmatherm C & G

Barkey Plasmatherm C & G
Full technology transfer: from the laboratory to the patient.
With the Barkey plasmatherm C&G (Cell & Gene), you can thaw blood products, cryopreserved products or infusions reliably. These are all uniformly, reproducibly, time and temperature controlled.
Intuitive handling
Navigation menu is available in native language, preset programs, and documentation software.
Time, temperature, and paddle movement can be customized for short cut programs. Vials, bottles and bags of different sizes can be thawed.
Certified as a medical device, the plasmatherm C&G is suitable for laboratory and bedside applications.
Technology at the Barkey plasmatherm C&G
Water circulates continuously in the heating cushions. Due to the flexible material, the heating cushions can closely adapt to the samples and thus provide optimal temperature transfer. This allows consistent SOPs to be developed, with high cell viability.
Safety through dry tempering
The products have no direct contact with water in the Barkey plasmatherm C&G. Integrated leakage sensors detect leaks at an early stage and alert the user to possible deviations by means of visual and acoustic signals. Visual inspection of the samples through the transparent lid allows sensitive blood and blood products to be monitored throughout the entire thawing process.
From study to approved therapy
The plasmatherm C&G is certified as a medical device and can also be used in cleanrooms. This means that it can be used during clinical studies in a GMP environment just as it can later be used for commercialized beside therapies in the hospital.


Mains connection Temperature Dimensions Weight filled
220-240 V 50/60 +35 °C to +37 °C max. 340 x 600 x 320 mm (WxDxH) 27 kg