Patient Gown

Disposable Patient Gown provides greater dignity for patients and convenience for staff and facilities. They are an alternative to reusable gowns and available in a variety of sizes. Quest carry a big range of Patient Gowns and can cater for most sizes.

  • Patient gown Standard
  • Super-soft treatment
  • Wrap-around with overlap on the top and waist for different access points to patient for surgery
  • Non transparent for better privacy
  • Patient gowns are all disposable
  • Minimal linting

Non Sterile Patient Gowns, Large and Ex-Large.

When quality matters and price is important Quest can cater for all your needs. CONTACT US TODAY!!

LB-N318-L / Patient Gown 35gsm – Large (100 / Box)

LB-N318-XL / Patient Gown 35gsm – Extra Large (100 / Box)

Q-DNP210003 / Patient Gowns Large (140 / Box)

Q-DNP210004 / Patient Gowns X-Large (140 / Box)

SS-PA53001B / Patient Gowns (NO SLEEVE) Large (100 / Box)

SS-PA53002B / Patient Gowns (NO SLEEVE) Large (50 / Box)


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