Surgical Needle Counter

Australian Made Surgical Needle Counter

AUSTRAMEDEX standard needle counter offer the basic original design of ball and socket hinges and friction closure. Each box utilizes a hard plastic enclosure to prevent sharps from penetrating through the box walls. It is an economical alternative without the many safety features and benefits of our Sharps Safety Station and Ultimate sharps Safety Station product lines.

Quest Surgical carry a wide range of Counters from

  • Small Needle
  • Large Needle
  • Extra Large Needle
  • Easy Counts
  • Mini Cases
  • Midi Cases
  • Magnetic and Foam

Austramedex Needle Counter Options
• All cases available in standard or deep case.
• Either purchase sterile or request Austramedex products from your pack supplier.
• If you can’t find the Needle Counter to suit your requirements, click contact us regarding custom solutions.

Click here to VIEW BROCHURE  on what is available or if you have a certain requirement, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to assist.

Surgical Needle Counter – Large Cases
AMX61323 CSAH Easy Count CSAH – 30 count (90)
AMX61323 RH Easy Count Royal Hobart 20 count (90)
AMX61355 RH Hard Card Royal Hobart – 42 count (90)
AMX61356 NM Easy Count Needle Mat – 30 count (90pc)


Surgical Needle Counter – Small Cards
AMX61225 C Mini Case 10 Count (100)