Lung Volume Recruitment Kit

Lung Volume Recruitment Kit with Manometer.

What is an LVR bag?
LVR stands for lung volume recruitment. LVR using a hand-held medical breathing bag is a tool to help you
stack one breath one top of the other until your lungs feel full. LVR with the breathing bag may be helpful if you
have a neuromuscular disease or spinal cord injury with weak breathing muscles. Daily use of the LVR bag will
increase lung air volume beyond what you can take in on your own to improve chest expansion and clear
mucus from your lungs.

Why would you use the LVR bag?

Routine use of the LVR bag will:
*Fill your lungs with air more than what you can do on your own
*Start a strong cough to help clear or prevent mucus from collecting in your lungs
*Improve your chest movement and stretching
*Prevent small areas of your lung from collapsing and Increase your speech volume.

• Kit is Ready to Use (Readily Available)
• Patient Safety (Improves Quality of Life)
• Time Savings (No Assembly Required by RT Staff)
• Uniform Treatment Protocol (Everyone Using
the Same Therapy and Same Products)
• Portable and Inexpensive (Cost-Effective)

Item #                    Description                             Qty
10-34505  – LVR Kit (Adult) with Manometer – 6/Box
10-34506  – LVR Kit (Child) with Manometer – 6/Box