LiteSaver® Small Adult CPR-2 Bag

How a new idea can enhance a product’s capabilities…and improve patient outcomes. Introducing LiteSaver® – a disposable, color-coded manometer with integrated timing light. Having a manometer with timing light integrated with a BVM (CPR bag) is critical for validating delivered pressures and helps clinicians in delivering proper ventilation rates. LiteSaver® integrates with a variety of BVM configurations, no additional components are necessary. Features an Easy-to-Use timing light with pull tab for activation, light blinks every 6 seconds. Assists in reduced risk of aspiration and stacking breaths.

10-58506 6/Box Small Adult CPR-2 Bag, Oxygen Bag Reservoir, Adult Cushion Face Mask, Pop-off Valve, PEEP Valve, LiteSaver® Manometer 0-60cm H2O

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