Flexicare LarySeal® Clear is a single use PVC laryngeal mask airway (LMA), engineered using extra soft satin textured materials to replicate as closely as possible the performance of silicone, providing Clinicians with a similar feel to LarySeal® Blue and LarySeal® Multiple.

  • Medical Grade PVC
  • Single Use
  • Sterile Packed
  • Cost Effective

Crush Resistant Tube

The thickness of the main tube wall reduces the risk of crushing.

Less Risk of Slipping or Dislocation

The satin surface finish of the LarySeal® Clear cuff provides a similar texture to silicone, whilst ensuring ease of insertion.

Colour Coded Pilot Balloon

Ease of identification of sizing by colour coded pilot balloons.

Universal Connection

15mm Male connector provides a universal connection.

Cost Effective

Eliminates the need for cleaning and re-sterilising, saving time and cost.

Easy Indication of the Cuff Pressure

Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.

038-94-310     LarySeal Clear Size 1        <5kg                   10

038-94-315     LarySeal Clear Size 1.5    5kg – 10kg           10

038-94-320    LarySeal Clear Size 2        10kg – 20kg        10

038-94-325     LarySeal Clear Size 2.5    20kg – 30kg        10

038-94-330    LarySeal Clear Size 3        30kg – 50kg        10

038-94-340    LarySeal Clear Size 4        50kg – 70kg        10

038-94-350    LarySeal Clear Size 5        70kg – 100kg      10