Esmarch Bandages

Offers excellent compression and elastic properties to achieve
exsanguination, whilst delivering protection for latex sensitive patients
and health professionals.

Products Available

DEF1619     2.5cm x 30cm Blue Neoprene, Double Packed (25)

DEF1006     6.5cm x 2m Green Silicone, Double Packed (10)

DEF2764     10cm x 2.7m Blue Neoprene, Double Packed (20)

DEF1081     10cm x 3m Green Silicone, Double Packed (5)

DEF2668     15cm x 2.7m Blue Neoprene, Double Packed (20)

35-309         7.6cm x 2.7m Blue Neoprene (20)

35-409         10cm x 2.7m Blue Neoprene (20)

35-609         15cm x 2.7m Blue Neoprene (20)