Patient Gown

Quest Surgical supply a variety of Disposable Patient Gowns which provides greater dignity for patients and convenience for staff and facilities. They are the best alternative to reusable gowns as it saves time and money cleaning and storing, available in a variety of sizes. Quest Surgical carry a big range of Patient Gowns and can cater for a majority of patient sizes.

  • Patient gown Standard
  • Super-soft treatment
  • Wrap-around with overlap on the top and waist for different access points to patient for surgery.
  • Non-transparent for better privacy
  • Patient gowns are all disposable.
  • Minimal linting

Non-Sterile Patient Gowns, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large and Bariatric.

When quality matters and price is important Quest can cater for all your needs. CONTACT US TODAY!!

SM-GOWNL       Patient Gown Large (100)

SM-GOWNXL     Patient Gown X-Large (100)

SM-GOWNXXL  Patient Gown XX-Large (100)

Q-DNP21008-1  Patient Gowns XXX-Large (10)

SM-BGOWN       Bariatric Gown XXXL – Button Up Shoulders (50)

QS-GOWNT        Patient Gown No-Sleeve disposable- Large (100)

QS-GOWNXL      Patient Gown No Sleeve disposable Extra-Large (100)

QS-GOWNY        Isolation Gown, PP+PE 30g+15, knitted cuff BLUE (50)

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