Bentec Spring-Loaded Silicone Silo Bag

The Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bag is designed for staged silo closure of congenital ventral wall defects in infants.

The Silo closed system helps prevent peritoneal fluid loss and bacterial contamination. The open end is supported with a tube of silicone elastomer containing a stainless steel spring. The distal end is mesh reinforced. The Silo Bag is transparent to allow for continuous monitoring of the bowels.

The bags are latex free and available in seven diameters:

GR74089-01        5cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-02        7.5cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-03        10cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-04        15cm Tapered Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-05        6cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-06        3cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

GR74089-07        4cm Ventral Wall Silo Bag

Bentec Medical Silo Bag for staged reductions of congenital ventral wall defects (gastroschisis or omphalocele) in their neonatal patients. The Bentec Medical Silo Bag provides a suture less approach that can be placed in the NICU when primary reduction & closure of these defects is not feasible. Our transparent, soft, flexible Silicone Silo Bags cover & protect the visceral content while providing direct visualization of the bowel. The Bentec Medical Silo Bag allows the clinician to gradually reduce the visceral contents back into the abdominal cavity by a combination of manual manipulation and gravity. Multiple publications* highlight the following benefits with use of Bentec Medical’s Spring Loaded Silicone Bag: – Direct visualization of bowel so clinicians can check for signs of ischemia – Gradual reduction of exposed viscera & elective closure of final defect – Resolution of bowel edema prior to return of the bowel into the abdominal cavity – Reduction of gastroschisis & omphalocele without anaesthesia at bedside.

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